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CMMI for Acquisition in US Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Tom has been supporting the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Nuclear Technologies Directorate since 2006 as they adopt the CMMI for Acquisition as a key part of their continuous process improvement effort.  Tom will give a candid discussion on the successes and challenges of attempting to organically grow a CMMI for Acquisition driven process improvement initiative from its heart in one division up into the larger organisation. 
Tom will discuss how progress is broadly exceeding initial expectations although is some areas this is not the case.  Despite this  there have already been some exciting tangible benefits realised (not the least being a 27:1 ROI) of this initiative which Tom will talk through.
But how has this impacted DTRA’s supply chain?  Tom will talk about how this impacted DTRA’s contractors - speaking in generalities to protect identities Tom will illustrate how:
    Those that really “get it” and are improving along with us (or ahead of us)
    Those that think they “get it” and are going through the motions because they think that’s what we want to see
    Those that just don’t “get it”

Tom will discuss how the division is employing some other models and tools to supplement the journey such as some parts of CMMI for Service and People CMM.

Tom will conclude by discussing how his Division is just one part of DTRA and given its success with CMMI-ACQ driven process improvement how has adoption in the wider DTRA proceeded?  Because of the success we’ve had, our impact has expanded one level higher in the organization.  I’ll discuss the easy successes we had at the higher level because of the previous work at the lower level, as well as obstacles we’ve not been able to overcome.  I’ll also discuss other parts of the Agency that have heard about our work and are copying our efforts.

This presentation describes our progress to date, lessons learned, and future direction.



Tom Neff , Technology Solutions & Services DTRA/RD-NT Process Manager

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